About Iselle Slome

Iselle Slome was born in Benoni, South Africa, the town made famous by her peer and best friend Charlize Theron. Okay maybe they don't know each other but she thinks they'd have a lot in common and could be really close if they just got the chance. Iselle has been studying theatre since the age of 11 when she premiered in the play "Oliver" at the Del Mar Heights Elementary School to rave reviews from theatergoers. And by "theatergoers" we mean her mom and dad. Heretofore, a dream was born.

Iselle studied Theatre at USC, and then UCB, and The Groundlings. Iselle has experience doing stand up comedy, sketch, and improv. She is a founding member of the all girls' sketch group "ArthurOrmarthA" for which she writes, acts, and produces. She is also one of the six hilarious girls in Tiny Marbles. Iselle is ongoing in scene study, and is a student of Stuart Rogers and Lely Kahn She has appeared in various shows, shorts, and independent films, but is most famous for her appearance at her mom and dad's house to get her laundry done every couple weeks or so. Thanks Mom, I love you too.

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